There is probably a permission issue

In /etc/tcprules.d/tcp.smtp add



# qmailctl cdb

# tail -f /var/log/qmail/smtp/current | tai64nlocal

send an email to the server, and error should be apparent.

Look at permissions, user, and group

# ls -ld /var/qmail/simscan
drwxr-x--- 4 clamscan root 64 Jun 23 18:19 /var/qmail/simscan

# ls -l /var/qmail/bin/simscan
-rws--x--x 1 clamscan root 39464 Jan 31  2018 /var/qmail/bin/simscan

On 6/23/2020 5:49 PM, Philip Nix Guru wrote:


something weird, I dont have any files scanned by simscan anymore

all attachements are qq soft reject

nothing logged anymore in /var/log/wmail

like  /var/qmail/simscan/15929xxxx messages

On 6/24/20 1:04 AM, Eric Broch wrote:
A soft link is not okay?

# ls -l /var/run
lrwxrwxrwx. 1 root root 6 Aug  3  2015 /var/run -> ../run

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