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> Excellent, its the ones under your nose you miss, cheaper than ebay. :)
> Thanks. Haven't tried Doom on a 68k does it multiplayer well?

(All ID Dooms 1 - 2) run resonably OK on a Quadra w/FPU. *AND 72 pin RAM*.
OK, so I think my Q700 is bit of a slug and only good for running BSD ;-)
I haven't tried multiplayer, so I don't know how it goes. I think that if it
was on a LAN it might be OK but otherwise... hmmmmm?

> Do you use a different port of Doom or ID's?

Yes, I'm playing Legacy Doom, a DOS port on a Pentium 166 running DOS 6x.
There are recent ports of Legacy to several platforms including OS X, so I
guess this where the most activity in the DOOM source code is, at present.

Tip if you're interested; Buy Doom II from a bargin bin. Powerhouse has them
for AUS$9.95 right now. The advice on the shrinkwrap says for a PC Running
Win 9x etc. You can either follow this advice or ignore it: I chose to
ignore it and simply extracted the DOOM2.WAD, this runs quite happy (and
upgrades) my own copy of Ultimate DOOM's Mac executable, without conversion,
running on my Q650.

But my real favourite is to use this same WAD on a DOS box using Legacy's
port, version 130 (I've tried later versions and x-platform but v.130 DOS is
a good one, IMO the best).

Cheers, Mike.

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