Michael Dawe wrote:

>on 22/12/2002, Sque <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>From my Mac "Ultimate Doom" read me:
>**/In order to ensure that you are giving DOOM II as much memory as
>possible, press "S" or "M" (Single or Multiplayer) when you see the logo
>screens appear after launching DOOM II. Turn on the "Kill Finder and Other
>Applications" options to free more memory for the System Software (which
>includes QuickTime)"/**
You bloody ripper, now where in the readme's does it say that?

>7.1 is the "bee's knees" of mac OS's. Honestly, it kicks ass.
>If you need to free up memory to do other things, work or play. AND your
>computer can run on SSW 7.1, go for it; You will notice snappier performance
>if you're used to running 7.5 to 8.1 on the same machine.
I think I will drop it back, might loose a few things like Warcraft for 
one but I've been looking for a reason to try something other than a 
classic on 7.1 (bit of overkill but usable).

>Having said that, my Q700 is slower than my Q650. I put it down to 30 pin
>SIMMs But more so, I believe it's the weird on-board Q700 video memory
>that's the *real* culprit. I guess a faster CPU and RAM in the 650 has an
>effect too.
Well you've talked me into swapping the mobo over for the 800, its never 
been tested so I guess i had better before I buy a box for it, I've got 
a bigger drive ect so it might make a good test, always wondered what 
I'll lose buy cutting the (on paper) vram in half, still its close to a 
650 but I should be able to frag your butt with it being a shade 
quicker, again on paper.

>Legacy is here: <http://legacy.newdoom.com/>

>>I've a cd's full of custom wads, looks like thats wasted on a mac. I
>>dont suppose there's a mac68k doom launcher around somewhere?
>If you have MacDoom (1, Ultimate, or 2) you can play any custom WAD file, no
>conversion required.
Yes I see the option on the multi player screen. I have I, Ise, II, 
plutoniana, TNT as well as custom stuff, used to be some great sites 
around, haven't looked for ages, most I've never played. Nice to know 
you can remake the game so many ways.
I don't have Macdoom, other than the demos, wads transfered straight 
from the pc had errors, probably something weird with pc exchange, the 
ones of the cd work fine

>Ultimate is the "go-between". Using the Doom WAD supplied with Ultimate you
>can play any Doom 1 custom WAD. But swap the supplied Doom.WAD with a
>Doom2.WAD (from any platform) you get Doom 2, plus you can play any Doom 2
>custom WAD along with it.
Not sure what Ultimate is, the splash screen says ultimate doom but the 
files named Doom1 11.8mb.

>Also... and it was a blast discovering this; The Mac Ultimate Doom also
>shipped with updaters for the DOS side of things on it's CD, so you could
>play with PC owners and not have conflicts. My huge discovery of 2002 (only
>about 6 weeks back in fact) was, by taking the WAD file that shipped with my
>Mac Ultimate Doom and installing it into my PC's directory of the DOS
>Shareware Doom 1, then running the ID supplied updater, Shareware Doom
>converts to Ultimate Doom for DOS. Cool, this game is made for DOS so if I
>want to, I can run this instead. But as I mentioned earlier, I'm preferring
>Legacy Doom 130 on DOS for both Ultimate and Doom 2.
There you go getting all dosy on me again. :) I'll run it through the pc 
card on a powermac and let you know how I get on. It plays diablo quite 
well and even the pc-phobic girl can put up with alittle windows. :) 
Very nice of ID to help you out like that. Both ID, Blizzard and Sierra 
for that matter, have enjoyed a good portion of my hard earned hopefully 
they will always support Mac.

>>Got a multi player game of Warcraft II going between a lombard and the
>>Q700. The speed was ok but the game was weird. It had one character for
>>each team in a field full of sheep, the mission task being "kill all
>>enemy". Now since the two teams can co-operate that leaves a field of
>>sheep? That can't be it, can it?  :)
>Surely not, must be some coder's warped sense of humor, a Kiwi perhaps ;-)
Nah, no gum boots involved just lots of hacking. Guess I should RTFM. 
Speaking of warped, is there a port of Cannon Fodder for 68k mac about.

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