Michael Dawe wrote:

(All ID Dooms 1 - 2) run resonably OK on a Quadra w/FPU. *AND 72 pin RAM*.
OK, so I think my Q700 is bit of a slug and only good for running BSD ;-)

So it runs but slowly on a Q700? Mine's running 7.5 it seems playable if you can put up with the screen size trade off for speed, not the worst 68k port I've played. Wonder if a kick back to 7.1 would help at all. Not a great deal I'd guess but maybe someone knows for sure. Cant find the multiplayer option in DoomI, not sure if I'm missing something or just used to entering everything via command line. ;)

Do you use a different port of Doom or ID's?

Yes, I'm playing Legacy Doom, a DOS port on a Pentium 166 running DOS 6x.
There are recent ports of Legacy to several platforms including OS X, so I
guess this where the most activity in the DOOM source code is, at present.

About as different as they come. :) Ive got legacy installed but usually run jDoom who dont seem to do any mac ports but the min requirement is a P166 if your interested. Do you have Legacy's address my old links not working
I've a cd's full of custom wads, looks like thats wasted on a mac. I dont suppose there's a mac68k doom launcher around somewhere?

Got a multi player game of Warcraft II going between a lombard and the Q700. The speed was ok but the game was weird. It had one character for each team in a field full of sheep, the mission task being "kill all enemy". Now since the two teams can co-operate that leaves a field of sheep? That can't be it, can it? :)

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