On 25 Dec 02, Scott <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I have a small conundrum that you folks may be able to help me with. I e 
> mailed a holiday picture to some of my family who happen to use Windows based 
> computers. Several of them couldn't open the file. It was in a Jpeg format 
> when I sent it. I use an Epson 500c scanner along with Color It and Graphics 
> converter to manipulate my pictures. While the end product doesn't compare to 
> print film, it's not that bad.
> Can any of you folks tell me why my sister can't open the pictures I sent? 
> AOL's E mail program reads them fine.

When sending attachments to PC owning friends, from a Mac, I stick 
to the DOS Filename convention of "eight DOT three".
For example; FILENAME.JPG

Even after years of Windows long filenames, I still find sticking to the 
old DOS file naming scheme to be the most reliable for (successful) 
cross platform transfers.

That is: You can use any combination of letters and numbers in a file's 
name (no spaces, use an underscore if need be), up to, can be less 
than eight characters but no more than eight, followed by a period "." 
then a three letter suffix (some file types have less than 3 but usually 
it's three).

It's the suffix that will give the receiving PC the information it needs to 
find the correct program to deal with the file. Yes they are that dumb.

Some safe image file formats for sending to a Win PC from a Mac:
JPEG:   filename.jpg
GIFF:   filename.gif
TIFF:   filename.tif
PICT:   filename.pct
Many Windows programs can open Macintosh PICT files, but it's 
probably safer to stick to the more common JPEG of TIFF (JPEG's 
compressed file size makes it the image format of choice, for sending 
via email).


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