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>I hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas.
>I have a small conundrum that you folks may be able to help me with. I e
>mailed a holiday picture to some of my family who happen to use Windows based
>computers. Several of them couldn't open the file. It was in a Jpeg format
>when I sent it. I use an Epson 500c scanner along with Color It and Graphics
>converter to manipulate my pictures. While the end product doesn't compare to
>print film, it's not that bad.
>Can any of you folks tell me why my sister can't open the pictures I sent?
>AOL's E mail program reads them fine.
>Thanks for your assistance
>I hope every one of you have a wonderful New Year
This is a little late, but GraphicConverter has option to save as a
Progressive JPEG, the only thing is some PC people can't read this kind of
JPEG file even if you have named it something like mypic.jpg :-}

I know this because my girl friendf uses a PC and that is how I found out
about that she couldn't view a JPEG in the Progressive format.

The Solution is to do a Save As and make sure that you uncheck Progressive
checkbox, you should find it in the Prefs or in the Save Dialog there is a
Options button that you can click. Then send it again making sure that you
have .jpg at the end of the name. :-}
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