thats rather odd, windows should be able to open progressive jpegs just fine
out of the box, however sending AOL instant messanger cant handle the
pictures unless they are first saved from the IM window and then opened and
since AOL email can open them just fine, I find that a little odd (AIM tends
to have more features for free than AOL users are paying for)

since you are emailing hte pictures you might as well not use p-scan (see if
that solves the problem) because it would make the file size a little bit
larger (a little little bit) and could make your saving/processing time
longer.  You dont really need it because with email they will probobaly have
the whole picture downloaded before they view it and you dont need the low
quality scans that p-scan jpegs create for the sake of people with slow
internet connections

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>I hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas.
>I have a small conundrum that you folks may be able to help me with. I e
>mailed a holiday picture to some of my family who happen to use Windows
>computers. Several of them couldn't open the file. It was in a Jpeg format
>when I sent it. I use an Epson 500c scanner along with Color It and
>converter to manipulate my pictures. While the end product doesn't compare
>print film, it's not that bad.
>Can any of you folks tell me why my sister can't open the pictures I sent?
>AOL's E mail program reads them fine.
>Thanks for your assistance
>I hope every one of you have a wonderful New Year
This is a little late, but GraphicConverter has option to save as a
Progressive JPEG, the only thing is some PC people can't read this kind of
JPEG file even if you have named it something like mypic.jpg :-}

I know this because my girl friendf uses a PC and that is how I found out
about that she couldn't view a JPEG in the Progressive format.

The Solution is to do a Save As and make sure that you uncheck Progressive
checkbox, you should find it in the Prefs or in the Save Dialog there is a
Options button that you can click. Then send it again making sure that you
have .jpg at the end of the name. :-}
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