At 08:33 PM 2/18/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>First, I saw on LEM that this machine can use 64M SIMMs, but only certain
>types. Does anyone out there have a 64M SIMM in a 605 or 475? If so, is
>it stable? If so, do you recall where you got it?

I have three in use in mine, works great. I got them from Other World 
Computing, . Makes a nice difference :)

>While on the monitor note, do regular PC SVGA
>monitors support the 832 x 624ish resolution this machine can make, or is
>that just a Mac resolution?

Eh, doesn't hurt, but not a critical upgrade right away. PC monitors should 
do 832x624 just fine, though there's not a really huge difference between 
800x600 and 832x624 in actual usage.

>Third, what OS would you guys & gals recommend? I've got a 16M SIMM I can
>put in it, bringing it to 20M of physical RAM, until I decide to buy a
>bigger SIMM for it. I know I've got 7.1, 7.5.3, 7.6.1, and 8.1, but know
>nothing as far as which one would be best on a Quadra.

Probably either 7.1 or 8.1. If you're up for a little work upgrading and 
tweaking bits, 7.1 is nice because it has a very low memory footprint. 
Overclocked to 33mhz (see below) with 64 megs of RAM, 8.1 works quite well 
really. I'm in the camp that doesn't see a lot of reason for running 7.5.5 
and 7.6.1 is only marginal. There's not a lot that won't run on 7.1 that 
will on 7.5.5, 7.6.1, or 8.1.

On the other hand, 64 megs of RAM and a 33mhz '040 would mostly negate the 
advantages 7.1 has over 7.5.5, which is a somewhat smaller memory footprint 
and a slight speed advantage. Might be worth just using 7.5.5 since it 
saves you a good bit of trouble :)

>I saw that you had to install the resistors on a switch, so
>you could install OS 7.5. Does that apply to later OS's, or does it even
>work with later OSs? Does the PDS still work if you overclock it?
>Ethernet will almost definitely be in this machine.

No clue about the switch, never had any trouble having just resoldered the 
resistors. There are a few tweaks necessary to make things work, but it 
does work just fine. There is definitely a noticable difference, 
25mhz-33mhz is a 33% difference. Never had any compatibility problems with 
PDS or anything on mine, including Ethernet cards. They also run Linux 
quite well.

>Fifth, does changing out the LC040 to a full 040 provide much of a boost?
>Does it produce any compatibility problems?

I stuck full '040s in mine just for the heck of it at first, then I decided 
to put Linux on a couple and use them as servers (which they do quite well, 
btw). There would be no real speed increase in general usage, unless you 
plan on doing something that needs/likes an FPU. In that case you'd notice 
a huge speed increase. If you can get a 33mhz 68040 for $5-10, certainly 
wouldn't hurt. Especially if you do decide to overclock it.

>The only ones I'm aware of are ethernet, the Apple 2e card,
>and I think I saw a video card for the LC's on eBay once. LEM says there
>are PPC upgrade cards for this machine, but that's probably not something
>I can see myself doing. Are there any LC cards that don't work in this
>machine? I'm guessing an '040 upgrade card (for an LCIII) probably
>wouldn't work, but anything else?

There is the Apple II card, but there was discussion recently on whether it 
was compatible with the 475 or not. I'd always assumed it was, but never 
tried it. I don't beleve there was ever a definite "I tried it and it 
did/didn't work" on the thread. Ethernet cards are a dime a dozen, and 
pretty much all of them should work. A few very early cards don't, and a 
couple that like direct access to the hardware might have issues, but in 
general any "LC PDS" card should work. The '040 upgrade is one of those 
that don't.

There's really no point in putting money into a PPC upgrade unless you 
happen to find one cheap. With the money you'd put in you could probably 
buy a decent full PPC, and you'd end up with something very close to the 
Road Apple x200/x300 series. If you want a PPC, buy a PPC, in other words. 
If you want a nice, small, very snappy 68040, it's hard to beat a LC475/Q605.

>More to come I'm sure,
>J White

Scott Holder

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