Wow! I really got a lot of replies to these questions. Here's what I've 
come away with.

1. The 64Meg SIMMS do work, and appear to be readily available at quite a 
few online vendors. I'll probably be ordering one soon.

2. The VRAM upgrade to 1M isn't going to be real important with just a 
14" or 15" monitor, as I don't think I'll ever want to do 1024 X 768 on 
such a small monitor.

3. Got lots of opinions on the OS, one was to try them all and see for 
myself which I like best, and probably will try a few.

4. The overclocking is something I should do. 

5. The full 040 upgrade will only happen if I stumble across one at a 
good price.

6. The PDS slot will probably be occupied by an ethernet card, which is 
what I figured. A PPC upgrade wasn't in my interest anyhow. I probably 
"paid" as much for this 040, as I would have for a x100 machine, but I 
wanted to tinker with an '040; I've already got a 7100 to play with.

It looks like I've got plenty to keep myself busy for awhile now. My main 
concern now is where am I going to put it. My computer room is getting 
mighty cramped. I'm pretty sure the computer will fit on the shelf under 
my printer stand, just trying to figure out where the monitor will fit. 
The joys of low end Maccing :)

J White

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