> 2. The VRAM upgrade to 1M isn't going to be real important with just a 
> 14" or 15" monitor, as I don't think I'll ever want to do 1024 X 768 on 
> such a small monitor.
> 3. Got lots of opinions on the OS, one was to try them all and see for 
> myself which I like best, and probably will try a few.
> J White

Actually, you need the 2 512k VRAM SIMMs in order to see thousands of 
colors on a 14" monitor (640 x 480), or a 15" (at 832 x 624). This may or 
may not be of importance to you, but just to let you know.

I have run both 7.1 & 7.5.5 (actually 7.5.3, but I've never gone all the 
way up, because I've heard that the 7.5.5 upgrade only adds stuff of 
relevance to PPCs -- & I've lost data on disks under 7.5.5 on other 68k 
Macs.) I think 7.5.3 is actually just a bit faster, if you slim it down
(as recommended on gamba's sitte & elsewhere. A prime candidate, IMHO, for 
slimming is Apple Menu Options. Also Open Transport, if you can avoid it. 
You won't want to avoid it if the 605 is on the Net, tho'.

Have fun!




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