On Wednesday, 12 October 2016 21:52:40 UTC+11, Ivan wrote:
> On 10/12/2016 08:26 AM, drew....@gmail.com <javascript:> wrote: 
> > Any updates yet for these issues? (as in updates I don't mean software 
> > updates/patches/fixes, but information on tests done or requests for 
> more 
> > details) 
> Given the small size of the Qubes dev team, how busy they seem to be, 
> the randomness of your problem, and its specificity (you seem to be the 
> only one encountering that issue), I wouldn't count too much on getting 
> dedicated help. Until Qubes' user base reaches a critical mass where 
> there is enough advanced users or devs with time to debug specific 
> issues like yours, it makes sense for the current dev team to focus on 
> more critical stuff like fixing issues many people encounter or going on 
> with the development roadmap, which ends up benefiting the whole Qubes 
> community. 

Many people have this bug. There are several instances of it in Qubes-Users 
There are many people having the issue. SOME can get around it, SOME can't.
So, I'm NOT the only one, as you thought (based on only qubes-devel).


> Granted, someone could have answered that they don't have time working 
> on your issue though. 

I merely queried if there was an update.
If the answer was a no or they didn't have enough time, as last time, they 
wouldn't have responded.
And I would have just checked in again in another couple of weeks, and I 
would keep providing more details as to the frequency and all of the 
instances when it happens to me.


> That said you may get some help if you could reproduce the bug reliably 
> and show that the bug you're encountering is really because of Qubes, 
> and not because of XEN or because of your hardware (RAM corruption, bad 
> PSU, you name it). That would mean wiping Qubes, installing the same XEN 
> version Qubes uses and setting up a virtualized fc23. 
> But since your bug is random you'll probably end up spending a lot of 
> time on trying stuff without any guarantee that your issue will be fixed. 

IF I was able to replicate it reliably, then I would know what was wrong 
and be able to investigate and provide information for a patch, or even 
provide a patch myself. The reason I provide the information and details is 
so that the devs can examine to find similarities between my instance of 
the issue, and other peoples instances if the issue.

Comparing that to those that can actually get out of the the issue and 
those that can't.


> If Qubes is critical for you I would advise buying a laptop/PC that you 
> know will work with Qubes (that's what I've done - I bought a thinkpad 
> t450s after spending too much time trying to have Qubes working on my 
> older t400). 

Well good for you. I am very happy to see that you are an IBM/Lenovo man. 
Good machines those. Best I know of.
The 450 runs Qubes quite well as far as I can tell.


> All of that probably doesn't help you much. It would probably be a good 
> idea to have "Why does nobody pay attention to my bug report" section in 
> the wiki/FAQ somewhere. 

Why does noone pay attention to it?
There are many reasons why... 
Sometimes too busy.
Sometimes it's missed in the mass of mail that the devs get from 
Sometimes it looks like it's from a different thing, not what they were 
looking for.
Sometimes it's just put on the back burner as a low priority.
Sometimes it's set as a "keep an eye out for more incidents like this 
before taking action"

I know all the ins and outs Ivan, don't get me wrong.
I was just asking if there were any insights or updates at this time, for 
all the things that I posted and put there.
It's no big deal, as I said earlier.
I just messaged to see if there were any updates.

They may have been investigating and looking into the problem, and just not 
replied yet, and my contacting may have triggered them as to remembering 
that they needed some more information or even a log file, or something 
else maybe. Who knows...
If they havn't looked into it yet, then such as life, it's a low priority, 
as I am keeping an eye on it and keeping watching it to find out what 
actually causes the issue to occur.
At this time, I am changing things around to the methodology of what is 
done to find out what the issue actually is.

Every 5 minutes, I create a log of all the stats.
Every night that is backed up.
When I can't wake the PC, I leave it 10 minutes, turn the PC off, wait 10 
minutes, turn it back on... Meaning there should be a gap of 2 log files.
Sometimes the system keeps logging while it's frozen, sometimes it's 
totally frozen and there are hours of missed logs.
So don't think I'm enquiring for no reason. I'm enquiring so as to find out 
information if there is any available for this issue that I am still 
working out why it happens to me. IF they had found anything out thus far, 
they could say X and Y, and I could check it and test it to see if it was 
the same here on my end or not.
As a programmer myself, I am knowledgeable on the ins and outs of things.

At this point, I'm still learning their code for everything in Qubes. 
Memorising every line of code to know what every line does and what it 

So as you said, no, it doesn't help me much.
I hope that what I have stated here explains why I was just querying, and 
that I didn't think it was ignored or anything, nor that I expected to get 
a response, but if I did then good, if not then oh well I'd check back 
And you are right, I have spent a lot of time trying to work this bug out. 
And I spend that time while I'm working, doing every day things. Because I 
log everything. When it happens, I just check the logs.

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