I'm trying to figure out how I can change my DNS settings for an AppVM. I'm 
relatively new to Qubes, so other related issues in this forum have clarified 
me some ideas but I am still quite puzzled.

This is what I have done so far:

1 - I have created a ProxyVM, which in turns connect to sys-firewall as NetVM. 
This ProxyVM uses debian-8 as template, because I'm following some tutorials in 
Internet about networking stuff using kali linux (configuring OpenDNS is one 
part). This ProxyVM is a StandaloneVM in order to keep changes in /.

2 - I have added to it network-manager service

3 - I have edited /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf in my ProxyVM and I have added the 
following line with OpenDNS IPs:

    prepend domain-name-servers,;

4 - I have connected my AppVM to this ProxyVM as NetVM.

5 - I have restarted my ProxyVM and my AppVM.

Now, I thought /etc/resolv.conf in my AppVM and ProxyVM should have changed. 
But no, they still have:


I see that my AppVM takes its /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf from the ProxyVM, because 
that line is also added there.

Going to https://dnsleaktest.com confirms that I'm still using my ISP DNS 

I guess that there is a way to do that without having to create a StandaloneVM 
for my ProxyVM, but I tried to do everything manual to learn how everything is 
tied. But anyway it doesn't work...



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