> eth0 is an uplink to sys-net. And /etc/resolv.conf there indeed is
> generated, so manual changes will be lost. There is a way to avoid this
> using /etc/qubes/protected-files.d/, but I think it isn't the way to go.
> Better adjust NetworkManager settings in sys-net, using standard
> connection editor GUI. The DNS servers in any other VM are in the end
> pointing to what you have in sys-net(*) (using DNAT redirections). 
> (*) unless you use Tor/Whonix - in which case those are redirected to
> tor process.

Thanks for your answer.

Does it mean that all VM have to share the same DNS settings (except 
Tor/Whonix)? What I was trying to do is routing only one of them through 
OpenDNS, while keeping the rest with my ISP DNS server (and I would like to 
avoid an HVM just for that).

I see I can create a new "NetVM" but I'm not sure if it is full supported. If I 
create a new one, is the GUI adapted so that I can configure both (sys-net and 
my custom one)? I prefer to ask before trying it and risking leaving something 
in an inconsistent state.

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