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I am struggling to have VPN work while using it with Tor, I can't have both 

I tried first to follow Mrs. Rutkowska's tutorial on setting up a clear Tor 
 but unfortunately I can't make it work.

"QUBES_IP=$(xenstore-read qubes_ip)" line doesn't seem to work. If I replace 
"(xenstore-read qubes_ip)" with proxyVM's IP then script works but then I have to set up 
/etc/tor/torrc to achieve to connect Tor Browser in another AppVM. I guess this setup is too 
complicated for me.

Then I read whonix documentation 
https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Tunnels/Connecting_to_a_VPN_before_Tor, to check 
what I need to do to avoid reinstalling my VPN into a whonix gateway and just 
use it as a proxy VM before Tor.

Although its straightforward to get the opposite working (Tor -> VPN -> Internet -- just follow the Qubes vpn doc and connect sys-whonix to the vpn vm) there are wrinkles to iron out when getting it to work as you describe.

Since the solution is Tor-specific, probably the best place to start is trying create the whole setup in Whonix-Qubes using the Whonix doc you referenced. The Whonix forum should be able to help you with any specific issues when following their directions.


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