This question is regarding a debian-8 standalone VM, but I guess it would be 
the same for template VMs.

I have installed [Nix](http://nixos.org/nix/) package manager. With it, I have 
installed latest firefox release. Then, I wanted the shortcut icon to nix 
installed firefox to appear in dom0 desktop. Reading [Managing shortcuts to 
applications in AppVMs](https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/managing-appvm-shortcuts/) 
and with some investigation I have achieve it. Here are the steps I have 

- I created a symlink to 
`/home/user/.nix-profile/share/applications/firefox.desktop` in 
- I run `qvm-sync-appmenus MyVM` from dom0
- I added new available shortcut

Then, I see I could do that for every GUI application I install from nix. But, 
is there any way to make `qvm-sync-appmenus` also read from 
`/home/user/.nix-profile/share/applications/`? Or should I investigate from the 
Nix side how to automatically create symlinks to `/usr/share/applications`?


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