Hi. Finally I get some light from the other side :)

It seems that freedesktop Desktop Menu Specification defines an environment 
variable which should contain a path with all directories with .desktop files:


        This directory contains a .desktop file for each possible menu item. 
Each directory in the $XDG_DATA_DIRS search path should be used (i.e. desktop 
entries are collected from all of them, not just the first one that exists). 
When two desktop entries have the same name, the one appearing earlier in the 
path is used.
        The <DefaultAppDirs> element in a menu file indicates that this default 
list of desktop entry locations should be scanned at that point. If a menu file 
does not contain <DefaultAppDirs>, then these locations are not scanned. 
I have looked at `qvm-sync-appmenus` and I don't see it reading that variable. 
Can anyone confirm this point?


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