On Saturday, October 15, 2016 at 8:16:37 PM UTC-4, pleo...@gmail.com wrote:
> look guys if someone compromize sys-net then go route trafic by fake dns and 
> sites.You paste your credit card or something and all data goes to the hacker.

sys-net is considered untrusted as it is,  consider your router too most 
likely. You really shouldn't presume anything not encrypted as private.

always make sure site is https if putting in a credit card,  a tip i got on 
mailing list when using qubes is to go to the site in your normal appvm and 
look at the cert.  Then load the same page up from a torvm and make sure the 
cert matches.  You should also make that qube https only in firewall settings.  
and use https everywhere using the setting to block everything not encrypted.

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