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Instructions for MAC anonymization have just been updated:



Ok, is recommend to use debian as sys-net
My question is about already used mac-spoof in sys-net, please can you try
to give me an answer if it is possible?


Maybe someone involved in the macchanger instructions can chime in with advice.

My personal recommendation would be to use Network Manager, as the Macchanger script is prone to breakage and lists these limitations:

 * This does not randomize your MAC Address on sleep and wake state
   (only on restarting the |sys-net| VM)
 * The |sys-net| networking VM takes longer for device drivers to start
   up than usual, this delayed startup may cause the first attempt of
   |sys-whonix| to connect to Tor to fail

I started about 2 years ago trying to get Macchanger to work consistently. None of the different approaches really did the job. It should be handled by the system's network configuration daemon, which is Network Manager.


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