On Fri, Nov 11, 2016 at 06:09:36AM -0500, 'IntersolarMN' via qubes-users wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > Thank you for your work on Qubes. Note: I haven't used Linux in more than a 
> > decade. I have installed Qubes and there's a couple of things I haven't 
> > learned yet. Despite installing multiple word processors, none of my .odt 
> > files will open via Qubes. I think I need step by step command lines to run 
> > in terminal to install LibreOffice onto every Domain, Template, and 
> > Workspace and in their respective Shortcut list. Also, LibreOffice is no 
> > longer listed in Software when I attempt to reinstall it via GUI.
> >
> > Also, when opening a Word Processing application, I can never browse or 
> > even see a USB drive, even after mounting it. I would like the system, 
> > including my Domain: work Web Browser, to always see and browse the thumb 
> > drive if possible.
> Qubes Version 3.2 R3.2
> Intel core i3 2.4GHz
> 120GB SSD
> Thank you.

Hello IntersolarMN,

Welcome to Qubes.

I'm not quite clear on what your problem is, but let's start with the

LibreOffice - you should install this in a template, and then it will be
available in each qube based on that template.
Assuming that you have the standard templates installed, it's just a
matter of opening Software for the fedora-23 template and installing it
When you restart your work qube you should find that LibreOffice is
available. If not, please provide more details of changes you have made
to the defaults and the templates you are using.

On the USB question, the critical point is what you mean by "after
mounting it".
Assuming that you installed with a sys-usb, when you insert a USB drive
it will be attached to the sys-usb qube. You need to then attach the
device to the qube you want to work in: you can do this using the
manager or the command line, qvm-block tool.
Once you have attached the device to your "work" qube, it will be present
as /dev/xvdi, and you should then mount the device in that qube. Once
you have done so you will find that you can see the USB contents
available in the "work" qube.

I hope this is clear. If you have done all this and it isn't working,
please provide a more detailed account of what you have done and what
templates you are using, and exactly what errors you see. 

Sometimes it takes time to get used to a new OS, and the security
structure of Qubes adds a few extra wrinkles, but stick with it, and
everything will become second nature.


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