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On Thu, Dec 01, 2016 at 02:54:03AM -0800, bentva...@cloudctrl.nl wrote:
> Should I just download memmek's qubes-build? Or the normal one aswell? Or 
> just the normal one? 
> Could someone give me a detailed explanation how I should build the most 
> recent R4.0 iso, with the most up to date dom0 and vm builds? 
> R4 Will be fedora-23 based for dom0 right? 

This is the plan right now.

> Will I be able to use this build for day to day working in its current state? 
> Or is it still too early?

A bit too early. Basically there are two major features missing:
 - use HVM/PVHv2 instead of PV for everything
 - GUI tools (new manager)

Besides that, there is _a lot_ of minor issues. And actually those minor
issues (like: time synchronization does not work) are most annoying and
IMO blocking daily usage.

Anyway, I'll write soon some more elaborate status update on Qubes 4.0,
on qubes-devel mailing list.

> I would also like to know what choices have been made regarding pvhvm or 
> hvmlite as the main virtualization architecture? 

In the current state of PVH(v2 aka HVMlite) in Xen, we've chosen to wait a 
with this, and for Qubes 4.0 use HVM with (still PV based) stubdomains.
When PVHv2 support will be mature enough, we'll smoothly switch to it
later (as a configuration option first).

> Is the fedora build the most complete? Or would debian have any benefits over 
> fedora? 

Both are supported and both should work. I think the only place that may
have some impact on compatibility is "Update VM" (the VM for downloading
dom0 updates) - here having the same tool (dnf) as in dom0 (Fedora)
makes it more compatible - for example you can issue any action (search,
list, etc.) instead of just "download all updates" / "install specific

> What parameters should I pick? Version r4.0.0, with dev. Testing or something 
> ? What about unstable vs security-testing? 

Currently no binary package is uploaded to yum/apt repository (this is
where security-testing, unstable, current-testing, current repositories
are) for Qubes 4.0.
As for the source code - in most repositories "master" branch already
contains Qubes 4.0 code. There are few (but important!) exceptions,
where "core3-devel" branch should be used. We're working right now on
moving remaining code to "master" branch.

> Hope someone can explain how I can build myself a good r4.0 iso.

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Best Regards,
Marek Marczykowski-Górecki
Invisible Things Lab
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