So, how should I configure my qubes-builder config file? Any chance you could 
maybe upload the config file that you've set the parameters for so I can have 
it build R4 build .iso ?

How long before hvm with pv stubs is implemented? Or is this one already in, 
and only pvh2 missing? 

How long before gui management tools are ready? Are all the terminal management 
tools working? If so, I dont care, I could use some practice with the 
management commands in the terminal :). 

By the way, I have a pgp-card, (Nitrokey) that I would like to use for security 
on my build. Any tips for how to best use one for solid full disk encryption? 
What storage layout should I use on a SSD with full disk crypto, for optimal 
security, and prefent evil maid attacks? I was wondering about if it would be 
possible to encrypt the whole disk, including boot? Or save boot on my 
nitrokey, and encrypt it, (grub encrypt) so thr usb gives the bootloader, the 
encryption password, the authentication over pgp, and maybe some more security 
certificates that are required for accessing the O.S.

The main thing I want to prevent is people tampering with my bootfiles to have 
a keylogger or something installed,  or prevent people logging in using a 
password obtained with a hidden camera. I want my (disk encryption) security to 
be real 2 factor security requiring atleast my nitrokey, personal password, and 
if possible maybe a third factor to be able yo log in to my system, or even be 
able to unlock my filesystem. 

What about the Tresor mod which saves your encryption key in the cpu? I really 
like the idea of being able to prevent people frm extracting the key from my 
ram. Any other tips for security ? 


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