fredag 2. desember 2016 00.54.55 UTC+1 skrev Micah Lee følgende:
> I just wrote a quick blog post about using Yubikeys in Qubes.
> Specifically, I wanted to share a script that will use qvm-usb to attach
> your Yubikey to your gpgvm no matter what USB port you plug it into.

Thank you very much for this, Micah, it great to see usability scripts for 
Qubes popping up!

That said, I tested this and it turns out one needs to have a USB Qube set up 
(aka USB-VM, sys-usb).
I followed the receipe here: .

My problem now is that I have a single PS/2 port, and have to switch between 
using either a PS/2 mouse or a PS/2 keyboard, by plugging and unplugging the 

Is there a simple way to completely disable the USB-Qube? 
The command: "qubesctl top.disable qvm.sys-usb" in dom0 doesn't do much.
And rebooting the Qubes OS causes system hang; it does not boot anymore.

Currently I have taken out my SSD-disk and mounted it on a different machine, 
su - 
cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdb2 sdb2_crypt
lvchange -a y qubes_dom0
mount /dev/qubes_dom0/root /mnt/qubes_rescue

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