On Thursday, October 6, 2016 at 1:54:14 PM UTC-4, qu...@posteo.de wrote:
> Hi ,
> thx for your reply.
> On 06.10.2016 10:13, Grzesiek Chodzicki wrote:
> > W dniu środa, 5 października 2016 22:23:28 UTC+2 użytkownik
> > qu...@posteo.de napisał:
> > USB passthrough for HVM is currently broken, You need to either use a
> > Linux AppVM or do it over the network.
> Is there a possibility to run iTunes on Linux in an AppVM? At least I am 
> not aware of it without a virtual machine with Windows.
> Network would work in theory, but it would require a bridge, which is 
> not possible without patching in Qubes OS afaik.
> Network backups also need to be setup for the first time via USB which I 
> can workaround atm by copying over the iTunes configuration from the 
> other VM but this still requires a bridge network device.
> Regards

what about making an appvm from a win7 templatevm?  or prolly all still 
considered hvm which I think is the prob.

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