On 12/04/2016 10:49 AM, Lorenzo Lamas wrote:
Since upgrading to Xen 4.6.3-21 from Xen 4.6.1-20, booting with AEM fails to 
start serviceVM's(netVM, usbVM, firewallVM). When the boot process finally 
completes, trying to manually launch the VMs through VM Manager doesn't work 
either. When I choose to boot without AEM, everything works as expected. 
Problem remains with the latest Xen 4.6.3-24.
It is on a HP Elitebook 8460p with IOMMU running Qubes 3.2

I'm not very familiar with Linux, so if you want logs, please tell me where to 
find them.

In case it may not be related to the new Xen version but some other update 
installed at the same time, here is the update history:

This sounds familiar. Try removing the network devices from sys-net to see if it will start then. Next, re-add the network devices and try starting sys-net again.


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