I have a previous test installation of Qubes 3.1 on a separate HDD (now external USB), which cointains a customised (cloned+extra sw installs) Fedora-23 template used with a dedicated AppVM.

Now I have Qubes 3.2 installed on a new HDD on that machine and before we move on to Fedora-24 (when F23 "expires" later this month), I would like to "import" that custom template AND the related VM into the new (fresh) 3.2 install.

I cannot be sure if I have all the necessary insights into Qubes to assume I can just copy / paste some folders/files into the new installation, so I would like to know exactly which folders/files are involved, and if there are any special order/steps to take, and whatever else is needed for this. I also think that the resulting How-To list should be fitted into the documentation somewhere.

(PS. I have not yet upgraded the new 3.2 system to Fedora-24, so that part is not the question here. I will do the upgrade to F24 after the migration of the template/VM along with the rest of the system. Hence, my question here is regarding a "migrate" between two F23-based systems, from Q3.1 to Q3.2)

I am aware of the following docs:


Can someone provide an ordered list of steps for this?


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