Lucas Arnström:
> Hi, I have been using a debian template converted into kali for quite
> some time. But recently, neither the kali template nor any appvms based
> on it are responding. I can start the vms just fine, but cant do much
> other than that. It seems to be some recent change that induced this
> problem, considering i have been able to use the very same vms for quite
> some time. But after my last update they all stopped working.
> I have attempted to do a complete rebuild of my kali template. I got
> everything set up, but as soon as I restarted the template I got the
> same issue again.
> I'm attaching the logs.
> // Lucas

I've had this same experience after a dist-upgrade on my debian-9
template (d9) about 12 hours ago. I had made a clone of this template
about two weeks ago and added the kali repos and some packages.
Strangely, my kali template (and AppVM based on it) work normal even
though it was also upgraded at the same time.

user@dom0:~$ qvm-run -p d9 gnome-terminal
Unable to init server: Could not connect: Connection refused
Failed to parse arguments: Cannot open display:

GPG: B536812904D455B491DCDCDD04BE1E61A3C2E500

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