J. Eppler:
> Hello @qubenix,
> I am interested in your Kali installation process. Did you run into any 
> trouble during the installation? Did you follow the KaliVM installation 
> instructions: https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/pentesting/kali/?
> regards
>   j. Eppler
Yes, followed the instructions from documentation until it came to
package installation. I *did not* attempt to install kali-linux-full,
use katoolin script, or any similar. I just install the packages as I
need to keep it minimal. Basically I have a debian-9 VM with Kali repos

I also have a Kali i386 image that I will run in a standalone HVM when I
need to debug a 32 bit package. Although just yesterday I learned of
`dpkg --add-architecture i386`, which I had to do to my debian-9/Kali
template to get wine32. So now I may be able to do everything in just
one AppVM.

In summation, I've successfully followed both sets of instructions in
the Qubes docs, but skipped steps 6 and 11 in the "Create Debian Based
Kali Template" section and modified step 10 to only pull in the packages
I need.

GPG: B536812904D455B491DCDCDD04BE1E61A3C2E500

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