What about PCIe USB cards? Could I assign such pcie device to specific cube, so 
USB ports on that card are available only for that qube, as there is another 
controller on the card(I think so at least), or is my reasoning wrong?

W dniu środa, 18 stycznia 2017 10:58:00 UTC+1 użytkownik Grzesiek Chodzicki 
> W dniu sobota, 14 stycznia 2017 16:43:35 UTC+1 użytkownik B&B napisał:
> > Hello, for starters, pardon my ignorance, I am at the very beginning of the 
> > learning curve.
> > I am planning out a new workstation build, I want to plan it out with Qubes 
> > in mind. But I have few questions, as I do not have a Qubes compatible 
> > desktop right now, and my laptops are not really good to experiment with it.
> > 
> > I want to add and assign a secondary GPU to a Windows based VM, to be used 
> > as a gaming and CAD machine. If I do that, what about monitor output, if 
> > primary GPU is in dom0, do I need to connect second GPU to a monitor, or 
> > can I route the signal somehow without additional hardware?
> > I want to use few, separate, color coded USB hubs(spray paint for the win), 
> > each attached to different domain, with same color coding. I want it to 
> > work as seamlessly as possible, preferably with no additional steps after I 
> > attach/detach any device to/from a hub. It simply shows into a VM and acts 
> > accordingly. I have problem understanding how the qvm-pci and USB 
> > management works in this area. Is my planned use case even achievable or do 
> > I need to manage each device every single time I attach it?
> > Is assigning devices to vms persistent after booting, or can be made 
> > persistent?
> GPU passthrough should work out of the box now so that's doable although I'm 
> afraid You're going to need a second monitor for that to work.
> As for the hubs, this might be tricky without a large number of separate USB 
> controllers.

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