> Yes, I know - that's why I said "using bash".
> You are using zsh, so you said, so you need to put the path in ~/.zprofile
> For example, with simple script 'logit' in home/user/newpath:
> qvm-run -a -p qube logit
> fails with "logit: not found"
> append path=('home/user/newpath' $path) to ~/.zprofile
> Then qvm-run succeeds

Yeah, you are right, this works. Thank you very much. But I don't quite 
understand. I guess that I'm opening an interactive non-login shell, but 
~/.zprofile is sourced while ~/.zshrc isn't, while, from 

> `.zshrc' is sourced in interactive shells

> [...]

> `.zlogin' is sourced in login shells. [...] `.zprofile' is similar to 
> `.zlogin', except that it is sourced before `.zshrc'

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