>>> Have you tried the solution suggested here before of shutting down other
>>> vms first, then sys-usb and sys-net? Andrew, I think, posted a simple
>>> script that he uses. I suspect that that will have more impact with
>>> fewer consequences than this proposal, but user experience will be key
>>> here: comments ?
>> Yes, I did try that, this is how I found out that on my system it is not 
>> possible to cleanly shut down VMs that hold PCI devices. If I try shutting 
>> down sys-net the VM Manager hangs for a few minutes, then the entire system 
>> stops responding then the machine gets killed, then VM manager throws an 
>> exception and then system becomes responsive again. After setting 
>> pci_e820_host to False I can cleanly shutdown sys-net and sys-usb just like 
>> any other VM.
> So that sounds very system specific. Why not put together a tip
> incorporating Andrew's script ( which will help on almost all
> machines), and then yours as a special case to be used where that
> doesnt help?

I dont't have any e820 pci device as far as I know, but shutdown is
definitely a problem. xfce shuts down, and then I have a black screen
with a blinking cursor, and, afaik unless I brutally remove electricity.
No clue if this is related to Grzesiek's problem ... Bernhard

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