I added the microcode from intel website, converted using iucode_tools, to the 
xen configuration (and copied file next to EFI binary) using the rescue mode on 
the install USB (with the help of another USB stick), and .... Qubes still 

So the problem is not with the microcode.

On Saturday, August 5, 2017 at 2:12:43 PM UTC+2, k...@karelbilek.com wrote:
> This is result of `xl dmesg` - with the default xen logging levels
> http://termbin.com/gck1
> This is result of `dmesg` in dom0
> http://termbin.com/pptq
> Those are however from a state before the freeze, nothing is freezing so far. 
> I am not sure how to capture dmesg right before the freeze; maybe some 
> infinite loop that keeps on writing them to files? That won't help, if the 
> CPU is stuck

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