On 2017-10-01 10:21 AM, Frédéric Pierret (fepitre) wrote:

> Hi, just a small update of current kernel branches status:
> From our last commits with Reg, the last version of kernel 4.12.14 is 
> available and also I created the branch for devel-4.13 (currently version 
> 4.13.4).
> From my side, I had kernel panic in VM with latest version 4.12.14 when 
> merging all the options in CONFIG file from stable-4.9 due to 
> vlv2_plat_configure_clock related to CONFIG_INTEL_ATOMISP (see 
> https://github.com/fepitre/qubes-linux-kernel/commit/3edc1d714539aba669c6c710a09b8022ff8fcaa2).
>  This problem was known for several distros with Xen PV DomU (e.g. 
> https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/55447 and 
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1711298). So not setting 
> this driver solved my problem (even for kernel-4.13+).
> Best,

Perfect! I was trying to figure out why 4.13.4 was panicking when used
in a VM too (dom0 seemed to work fine) but didn't have enough time to
really dig deep into the kernel options and didn't actually try to boot
4.12.14 either; I just assumed it worked (the last one I tried was
4.12.13). I'm glad you figured it out! Hopefully, there won't be anymore
weirdness when 4.14 (the next LTS kernel) comes out.

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