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Ed <e...@edjusted.com> wrote:

> What I would like to do is add a second IP to both sys-firewall and 
> sys-net so that I can NAT traffic from one of my VM's in/out through 
> these IP's.  So what I end up with is two IP's on sys-net, one
> handling all the traffic for most of my VM's, the other handling
> traffic for one specific VM.  This way I can do additional firewall
> restrictions on this VM in my networks.
> If I manually add the IP addresses to sys-net and sys-firewall,
> manually add the destination NAT and source NAT rules to both as
> well, then manually add a route in sys-net, and also force another
> rule into the IPTABLES raw table on sys-net (to override a rule added
> by /etc/xen/scripts/vif-routes-qubes which restricts all incoming
> traffic from sys-firewall to the IP assigned by qubes to the default
> interface), then I'm able to make this work.
> However, this is very finicky and totally unscriptable in this 
> configuration, and I'd really like this to be something auto
> configured on boot.
> I've look and looked and don't see where I can add a second interface 
> definition to any config files.  If I manually edit the xen 
> sys-firewall.conf file it just gets overwitten by qubes.  I can do
> all the iptables rules I need in the /rw/config scripts, but what I
> really need is for sys-firewall to add another virtual interface for
> me.
> I tried running: sudo xl network-attach sys-firewall 
> script=/etc/xen/scripts/vif-route-qubes ip=
> backend=sys-net This will add the interface and setup sys-net with
> the correct routes and rules, HOWEVER, the interface that it adds to
> sys-firewall has the same IP as the existing interface which breaks
> all the traffic going out of sys-firewall
> Has anyone ever had any success doing something like this?
> Any suggestions out there?
> Thanks,
> Ed

Wouldn't it be possible to add a second Firewall VM to be used solely
by your special single vm?

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