On 10/06/2017 12:14 PM, filtration wrote:

Can you create another sys-net chain with the second interface? You
could keep things isolated without scripting. Assuming you are using
Qubes 3.2, the interface could be assigned to sys-net-2 via VM

Looks like you and both Mike Keehan had the same/similar idea.

I could add a second firewall vm and use the same sys-net (I don't think I could use a different sys-net as easily because I want to use the same pci network device, just attach another IP)

In fact this machine already has two NIC's and two separate sys-net/sys-firewall setups on it so I can route some vm's out entirely separate physical interfaces.

But really I was hoping to accomplish this without adding the additional memory overhead of another sys-firewall instance.

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