I installed qubes os on my ssd hard-drive with windows 7 and now I'm trying to 
get back windows but for some reason I can't. can some one please help me out 
with this  because I know my material is still on my drive but how do I get 
back the windows because I had alot of Important files on my original windows 
desktop... I hope I'm making sense. I even tried to install Windows again and 
it wouldn't let me for some reason. so right now im stuck with qubes OS and i 
cant get to any of the files i had before i installed qubes os. I bought a sata 
and took out my hard-drive and tried to remove the files that i needed of but 
the hard-drive didn't show up on the other computer I was using which has never 
happened before. It wouldn't come up for some reason I think it's becauae of 
the qubes. please some what help 

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