On Friday, November 24, 2017 at 9:04:01 PM UTC-8, Person wrote:
> I entered that command in the terminal, and I received this reply:
> https://imgur.com/a/zH3hO
> It seems that I haven’t enabled many things, and I don’t know how to enable 
> them.

I'm having a similar issue, freshly installed Qubes 4.0-rc2, when it's running 
the first_install configuration, I receive the error `libvirtError.libvirt: 
libxenlight failed to create new domain “domain name”.`

- VT-x/VT-d is enabled in the bios
- I booted ArchLinux install CD and in /proc/cpuinfo I see vmx/vme and lscpu 
says VT-x is available but that's not the case in what I see in Qubes (lscpu 
list Virtualisation as None)

In an earlier install, after I got this error, I switched all VMs to using pv 
virt_mode and managed to get `qubes-dom0-update` to run, after doing that, I 
still got the same weird /proc/cpuinfo and lscpu output but VMs were booting OK 
with hvm.

I reinstalled Qubes because the initial_setup did not complete, and now I'm 
stuck with the same issue.

Is there a way to default all new VMs to PV so when the initial_setup creates 
sys-net and sys-firewall it would work and I'd be able to run 
`qubes-dom0-update` and then switch them back to hvm? If not, is there a way 
during the installation to use Qubes repos for packages as opposed to using the 

- ArchLinux: https://imgur.com/3eb9lWY
- QubesOS: https://imgur.com/mSpZFeq

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