> I want to also add that the current address publicly displayed will work 
> just fine on Bitcoin Cash, which may be useful to know.

I'm not sure that it's possible to use current Qubes address with the same 
private keys at Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network. I guess that this 700 is already 
lost, but I maybe wrong! 
Because they have address started with 3*** it's SegWit address and it's not 
complete with Bitcoin (BCH).
As I remember only 1*** addresses is equivalent. 
Please, google or 

Anyway I suggest to add clear Bitcoin (BCH) address.

> Big companies like bitpay (biggest bitcoin payment processor) have already 
> stated they will no longer accept any Bitcoin internet payments under $100, 
> which you can understand means it can no longer be used for the majority of 
> Internet payments. They are working on switching to Bitcoin Cash instead.

Yes, thanks for good description. And not every person want and can to send 
$100 donations and afford to lose at fees.

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