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eva...@openmailbox.org napisał:
> Due to high fees and heavy losses to donator at Bitcoin Core (BTC) network I 
> suggest to at Bitcoin Cash (BCH) donation address as alternative. 
> Nobody want to donate 50$ and lose 40$ as fees. 
I would suggest using bech32 native SegWit address and not sending donations 
during congestion.
For example, I estimate that currently standard (1 input, 2 outputs) Bitcoin 
transaction would cost 9USD and 6USD for bech32 SegWit.

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eva...@openmailbox.org napisał:
> > I want to also add that the current address publicly displayed will work 
> > just fine on Bitcoin Cash, which may be useful to know.
> I'm not sure that it's possible to use current Qubes address with the same 
> private keys at Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network. I guess that this 700 is already 
> lost, but I maybe wrong! 
> Because they have address started with 3*** it's SegWit address and it's not 
> complete with Bitcoin (BCH).
It is not certain. 3*** are "pay to script hash" address and they were 
primarily used for multi-signature addresses (which is also possible in Bitcoin 
Cash). Using "3***" for SegWit is relatively new purpose for "3***" address.

"we have switched today to a multi-signature wallet for our Qubes bitcoin fund."
from https://www.qubes-os.org/news/2016/07/13/qubes-distributed-fund/

You can also see one of outgoing transaction from donation address:
As "Size" is equal to "Virtual size" I would say it is not SegWit address, so 
it should be possible to get any Bitcoin Cash funds sent to this address.

That said, fees for "6 of 13 multisig" in Bitcoin are going to be very big.

Maybe there should be additional, non-multisig address for low amount donations 
to lower the cost of fees? It could be periodically sweept into secure multisig 

Best regards,
Piotr Machała pm7

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