thanks, I have installed Mirage Firewall.

Some more info that might interest people here. I got some answers from a 
developer of stage1-xen rkt:

Also in December Xen launched a new initiative for unikernals, called unikraft. 
This is an initiative to make a standard for unikernels that makes development 
and deployment of them easier:

Im looking forward to a time where most things in Qubes will be running in 
unikernels rather than in full Linux.

Imagine having a unikernel that does all sanitation and validation of data that 
gets sent cross domain, well documented, tested written in Rust for performance 
and safety, with a whitelist approach, rather than all of those python, bash 
and C scripts doing their own sanitation and validation.

It would be much more sane in terms of security, much easier to audit, ...

What about wayland in a unikernel, the graphics drivers, ...?

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