On Saturday, January 13, 2018 at 3:58:03 AM UTC+1, Andrew David Wong wrote:
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> The Qubes VM Manager will be returning in Qubes 4.0-rc4, which is
> scheduled for release next week. The returning Qubes Manager will be
> slightly different from the 3.2 version. Specifically, it will not
> duplicate functionality that is already provided by the new 4.0
> widgets. Specific examples include attaching and detaching block
> devices, attaching and detaching the microphone, and VM CPU usage.
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> Andrew David Wong (Axon)
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> x88xpwBL0zwUX0y/eqsaxGGIqr9D1c25psYdi/IeE3KhR35gz/2j8HiB1/mEl0Z4
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> om9Xd9iba7hZomXE1rEcg2UaYok0lSQmzGS2YKh3OQbEmXtrZdILXVo0NLtDcTun
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> qH0roZ8GHrX7Xu4AvjYxUvlkTU+h2ObPMvxf2IR1/S37UUyrwNFEaC6czA/VmVV6
> 5SzFVGJkH/SFZsQ9qvzgjz/8OnLOMvBi3X/ee21G8s4ACmcrmrM=
> =fcWR

Awesome that you guys brought the Qubes Manager back. Besides being useful, 
it's even become a sort of trade-mark for Qubes, or even a mascot if you may. 
It's one of the major a visible ways to tell it's a Qubes system by look alone. 
Also I definitely agree that it's nice to be able to keep track of CPU/Ram more 
easily, or pending updates from the various different repositories, which can 
be a big mess when having many templates. So all in all, love that you guys 
brought it back.

I'm fully aware the Qubes Manager isn't officially released yet until Qubes 
RC-4, so things might change with updates etc. but below are some minor 

* It resets windows size each time you close it down and open it again. It's 
nice we can change its size now, but it won't stick to the size we give it 
between closing it and opening it? It's in particular nice to remember windows 
size if you dedicate it to a specific screen, or a specific place on a screen, 
or if you want to key-bind it to appear and disappear when needed.

* Another minor issue, which is much less of an issue, is dead links in the 
Qube menu, for Logs and Attach block devices. Since you specifically announced 
you won't duplicate tasks that the widget is already handling, perhaps it might 
be best to remove these two dead links, which are also handled by the Qubes 
widget? No biggie, just something minor I noticed.

Other than that, it's really nice to have again, and above issues really are 
minor issues, really. Although it'd sweet if it remembered the window size, but 
it's only like the dot above the i, a minor detail before perfection.

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