On Friday, 19 January 2018 08:55:27 UTC, wordsw...@gmail.com  wrote:
> I've been working on a solution for this, but unfortunately there are too 
> many factors that I'm not familiar with.
> My goal is to to able to:
> 1) Take a screenshot using the dom0 hotkey
> 2) In the "Screenshot" dialogue, select a script from the "Open with:" option
> 3) A text entry box that prompts me for the destination VM
> 4) The screenshot is sent to the indicated VM
> I think this can be accomplished with
> .desktop application file
> zenity
> qvm-move-to-vm/qvm-copy-to-vm/qvm-open-in-vm
> but I'm lost in the details.
> Current problems
> - I can't get dom0 to include my .desktop application files as "Open with:" 
> options in the "Screenshot" dialogue
> - I'm not sure what format the screenshot is in initially... will the 
> .desktop application receive a bunch of bits? Or the path to a temporary file?
> - I can figure out how to pipe the screenshot if it's a file, but I don't 
> know how to handle a "bunch of bits" scenario
> Has anyone done this already? I'm aware of qvm-screenshot-tool.sh, which 
> looks great, but the code is too complicated for me to review and I just need 
> basic functionality anyway. 
> https://github.com/evadogstar/qvm-screenshot-tool/blob/master/qvm-screenshot-tool.sh

This could be useful feature. Happy to help for the dev part...

What do you think about the default behavior being to:
- screen-shot only a VM window? Is it available?
- screen-shot an area that you lasso?

I'm suggesting these because the Qubes default should always be the safest that 
can be implemented...

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