On Friday, 19 January 2018 12:05:36 UTC, Tom Zander  wrote:
> On Friday, 19 January 2018 12:48:27 CET wordswithn...@gmail.com wrote:
> > Qubes already has built-in the capability to screenshot the entire desktop
> > (Printscreen)  or the current window (Ctrl+Printscreen).
> Yes, it does.
> But this is not something you should use and then send to a VM becuase that 
> VM then suddenly gets knowledge about all the other windows on screen that 
> may be from another VM.

Default should prevent, but user should have choice.

> Imagine having your Vault VM window open with all your passwords and then 
> you auto-upload a screenshot of that into a compromised VM which then causes 
> the screenshot to be uploaded to a server.
> I'm not aware of any way to avoid this data-leakage using the screenshot 
> application in dom0.
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> Tom Zander
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XFCE (default Qubes Windows manager) provides a screenshot application 
(Menu/System Tools/Screenshot activated with the PrintScreen Key as well)
This launch a windows with:
- Region to capture (radio selection)
  - Entire screen (selected by default)
  - Active window
  - Select a region
- Delay before capturing
  - X seconds (default is 1)
- Capture mouse pointer
  - Y/N (default Y)

What I think needs to be done:
- Change the default for region to capture to "active window"
- Also
  - hook into screenshot so that either
    - when OK (or Enter key) is pressed
      - the Save As dialog is replace by another one where you put the VM name 
(and it goes into QubesIncoming in that VM, for Dom0 into 
        - Dom0 Confirmation pop-up appear (same as usual copy/move file) with a 
preview (TBC)?
   OR - the Save As dialog has a kind of "network drive list" which is the list 
of VMs that are running, and saving there save to QubesIncoming for that VM. 
You have to prevent the create directory and other stuff probably. Benefit is 
that it is probably re-usable for any Dom0 apps which use the Save As window.

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