Unman wrote:

> You DO have a working network manager -
> see the response from systemctl.
> I assume what you want is a nice gui
> interface this is nm-applet. If  it is installed,
> start it and you will get the nice tray icon - if
> not installed, install it.

I was able to get Network Manager running and instead of using the default 
"fat" fedora-templates, I am now running the sys-VMs with fedora-26-minimal 
I was always wondering why Qubes doesn't come with a dedicated sys-template, so 
that the sys VMs (sys-net | sys-firewall | sys-usb) are running with a 
smaller/maybe even hardened template.

For the Google Archive a short how-to, how I have built the template for the 

--- --- --- 8# Install default minimal template in dom0
sudo qubes-dom0-update qubes-template-fedora-26-minimal

# Clone template to keep the original template
qvm-clone fedora-26-minimal t-sys

# Launch xterm in the new template as root
qvm-run -u root t-sys xterm

# Install basic applications in the template VM
sudo dnf -y install gnome-terminal terminus-fonts less vim-minimal nano 

# install basic tools
dnf -y install sudo pciutils psmisc gnome-keyring

# Install missing packages für Sys-VMs
dnf -y install qubes-core-agent-qrexec qubes-core-agent-systemd 
qubes-core-agent-passwordless-root qubes-core-agent-nautilus 
qubes-core-agent-networking qubes-core-agent-network-manager 
qubes-core-agent-dom0-updates pulseaudio-qubes usbutils

# Install missing drivers (to support the network devices)
dnf -y install linux-firmware iwl7260-firmware

# install additional packages to get network manager working
dnf install -y NetworkManager NetworkManager-wifi network-manager-applet 

# shutdown template
shutdown -h now

# Change Templates for sys-VMs in dom0
qvm-prefs --set sys-net template t-sys
qvm-prefs --set sys-firewall template t-sys
qvm-prefs --set sys-usb template t-sys
--- --- --- 8

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