On 01/21/2018 07:47 AM, 'Tom Zander' via qubes-users wrote:
> On Saturday, 20 January 2018 23:25:55 CET Unman wrote:
>> You are probably missing the desktop files from /usr/share/applications
>> You can copy the files from out of a Fedora based qube if you have one.
> Ohh, smart, I didn't think about that.
> I did this to get the majority of them back;
> ```
> cd
> qvm-run -p sys-net 'tar cf - /usr/share/applications' | tar xvf -
> qvm-run -p sys-net 'tar cf - /usr/share/app-info/icons/fedora/' | tar xvf -
> and then you can copy or move the files from $HOME/usr/share/
> into the system dir.
> I'll add the suggestion to double check they do what they are supposed to be 
> doing (check the Exec line).
this arrived to me with Q3.2 and I recall that it was a real pain in the
b***; I start thinking I should backup these under Q4 from time to time
:) Question: Which files / dir's do I need to backup in  dom0?  Bernhard

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