On Tuesday, January 23, 2018 at 10:55:15 AM UTC+1, beso wrote:
> Something is eating free space in my system. It step by step decreasing. I 
> haven't found any good solution for that.

I forgot to add, before you right click on the /rw folder of any VM you might 
suspect to have space issues, make sure first that invisible folders and files 
are shown, otherwise they won't be counted in the size calculation. In fedora 
templates, the normal files window manager, simply just hold Ctrl, and then 
type "H" once. Then all hidden files should be shown in that folder, and all 
sub-folders, and a more accurate measure of the actual used size will show.

For example Firefox's hidden folder in /home is usually use several 100MB's, 
and it can make a difference in your size comparison. Thunderbird can also be 
quite big, i.e. my Thunderbird hidden folder in /home is several GB's in size. 

Keep in mind that /rw (read / write) folder, is where your /home folder is, 
among other folders, which an AppVM needs to have write access to.

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