Dave, why you start a new VM and not just use a loopback? Is the reason sharing 
apps from multiple VMs? If si, you are at least significantly weakening 
isolation. Maybe you are not keeping any, not sure. X11 was not designed for 
isolation at all.

Nuno, this is probably possible, but not so trivial. You would need Grub (as 
HVMs and PVs have different boot mechanisms) and you would need to adjust some 
things made for PVs - probably some startup services and some X11 config files. 
Those changes (especially the Grub change) would require a modification of the 
template. And you would also need to reboot to change it.

I have some idea for full screensharing (considering Qubes-agnostic generic 
screensharing apps):

1. Scrap the screen in dom0 and send it to a VM through Qubes RPC. It seems 
that VLC can be used for that. Uncompressed video could be ideal for low 
latency and lower CPU usage. Compression does not make much sense within a 
physical computer. But compressed video could be also acceptable. I believe 
video encoding is not a risky operation, so it can be done in dom0 without any 
additional real risk.
2. In the VM, play the video in a VNC-loopback X11 session.
3. Run the screensharing app of your choice in the same X11 session.
4. Make the screensharing video fullscreen.

Of course, this would make some fractal effect when the VNC client is visible 
on screen ☺

I haven't tried it yet, but it seems

Vít Šesták 'v6ak'

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