On Thursday, January 25, 2018 at 1:34:03 AM UTC-8, Vít Šesták wrote:
> Dave, why you start a new VM and not just use a loopback? Is the reason 
> sharing apps from multiple VMs? If si, you are at least significantly 
> weakening isolation. Maybe you are not keeping any, not sure. X11 was not 
> designed for isolation at all.

I run the vncserver in a new VM so that I can screenshare from...

* multiple app VMs
* VMs that can't access the conference site (i.e. bluejeans.com) or can't 
access the net at all
* VMs that don't have vncserver installed, or don't have a plugin needed to 

My approach lowers security while screensharing.  But the rest of the time, not 
screensharing, the VMs are running with normal firewall settings.

I realize X11 is a weak link in what might be an otherwise secure desktop.  One 
of the reasons I am a fan of Qubes!

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