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On 2018-01-26 09:37, Marek Marczykowski-Górecki wrote:
> Hi,
> Manual testing of installation is a time consuming job, so I was looking
> for some tool to automate it. And found one:
> http://open.qa/
> This works by launching the system under test in KVM and then interact
> with it as user would do (mouse clicks, keyboard etc). Then compare
> screenshots (or parts of it).
> The nice thing is when using new new enough KVM, qemu and hardware with
> VT-x + EPT, Qubes installation works there! In theory KVM supports even
> nested virtualization, so HVM should works inside such setup, but in
> practice Xen and/or qemu crashes badly... But PV works fine, which is
> enough for installation testing.
> I've uploaded some basic tests here:
> https://github.com/marmarek/openqa-tests-qubesos
> The problem is we don't have a place to host it in long run. While I can
> launch it from time to time on one of my testing laptops, it doesn't
> scale well. And access to it is restricted, which limit who can work on
> this (and on issues found by tests).
> Does anyone have some place/recommendation where to look? Hardware we
> need:
>  - CPU with VT-x + EPT, so KVM will work with reasonable performance (
>    means a physical machine, not virtual one)
>  - 6-8 GB RAM (4GB for KVM + something for OpenQA itself)
>  - 50 GB of disk (preferably more)
> Does anyone have a spare machine running somewhere, and willing to
> share?
> Alternatively, it looks like we can get one for ~70 EUR/month. Andrew,
> Michael, could we use opencollective money for this?

The OpenCollective money is supposed to be used to pay developers to
work on the open-source version of Qubes. While this would not be a
direct payment to a developer, I can see how it would qualify, since
it's directly saving you and other devs time and work that would
otherwise have to be spent on testing. I think it would adhere to the
spirit of the rule, which is that the money should be spent on
improving the open-source version of Qubes. (Arguably, it would be
even more efficient than paying a developer directly, since Qubes
would probably benefit a lot more from the testing bought by that ~70
EUR/month than it would from the tiny amount of developer time ~70
EUR/month would pay for.)

However, I'd be surprised if there were no one in the Qubes community
willing to share a suitable machine for this purpose. My guess is that
there aren't as many readers on qubes-project as there are on
qubes-devel and qubes-users, so I'm CCing those other lists.

- -- 
Andrew David Wong (Axon)
Community Manager, Qubes OS



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