On Friday, February 9, 2018 at 9:25:52 AM UTC+1, Alex Dubois wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to get Windows installed on R4.
> qvm-create win7 --class StandaloneVM --label blue
> qvm-prefs win7 | grep virt
>   it is pvh
> qvm-prefs win7 virt_mode hvm (I suspect doc needs to be updated here)
> qvm-start win7 --cdrom=sys-usb:sr0
>   I get 4 lines SeaBios, last one being "Probing EDD (edd=off to disable!... 
> ok" - Screenshot attached.
> qvm-ls
>   win7 is halted
> I saw ticket https://github.com/QubesOS/qubes-issues/issues/3055 providing 
> the --cdrom option.
> Am I missing something?

Right now "most" things work in Qubes 4, but many of them have one of the 
multiple of approaches to do the same thing, where some of these multiple 
approaches are not working. Extra approaches to do the same thing, may have 
lower priority if it works if done in a different way. These issues will 
eventually get fixed, it's just a matter for the developers to advance down the 
list of priorities of fixes. 

For example, sometimes using the terminal is better, while other times the GUI 
works better. Mostly the terminal works better, but there are cases where the 
GUI works better than the terminal commands. 

Your issue might be one of those case, "Especially!" considering the GUI to 
boot from a CDROM/DVD has been re-made, and the whole admin panel/python code 
beneath it. So chances are that the GUI works better, since they put focused 
effort into this GUI tool, and "may" have postponed terminal fixes for later 
lower priorities.

What I recommend is that you shutdown your Win7 VM --> go to the VM's graphical 
settings --> Advanced tab --> pick the "Boot qube from CDROM" button.

Try give it a try, see if it works or not. 

If it doesn't work: Then it might be because this feature has an overall lower 
priority to get fixed compared to other things in Qubes 4 atm. Perhaps other 
suggestions can find a way to bypass this issue, keep checking this thread over 
the coming days for anyone posting.

Also Qubes 4 will probably not be final release stage before both GUI and 
terminal works for the most important features. Until then, you have to find 
work-arounds for things like these.

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