On Sunday, February 11, 2018 at 9:51:56 AM UTC+1, Yuraeitha wrote:
> On Sunday, February 11, 2018 at 9:18:16 AM UTC+1, Matteo wrote:
> > > Does anyone know the 'alt+space+f'(fullscreen) command, or where to find 
> > > it? Or are there none available in /bin /usr/bin or similar?
> > 
> > i think that you have to press that keys on the keyboard, is not a
> > terminal command (in fact you can't find in /usr/bin)
> > 
> > if you press alt+space bar a menu should pop up, the same menu can be
> > seen by clicking in the title bar of the window, from there you can see
> > maximize, minimize, close, and probably also fullscreen that can be
> > quickly selected with f.
> > 
> > note that qubes by default doesn't allow fullscreen, unless you enable
> > it. also usually websites and programs have a easily accessible
> > fullscreeen button (youtube).
> > 
> > but i'm not sure about what you want to do.
> > hope it helps
> In Qubes 4 I never had to enable it btw, oddly, it just works. 
> I've solved the problem since posting, I was looking the entirely wrong place 
> all along, but new ideas for clues came along after I had posted. So I 
> deleted the topic since it had no views/posts at the time anyway and was 
> resolved. But it seems it wasn't deleted after all x) But thinking it over 
> again, perhaps this can help others looking to solve this too.
> I've found two methods to solve it, although the second is only half solved. 
> It was a bit like treasure hunting, here's the results.
> 1'st approach:
> wmctrl -r :ACTIVE: -b toggle,fullscreen 
> If this is written in dom0 terminal, or any AppVM terminal, then the window 
> will go fullscreen. This is the one one may want if keybinding, and pressing 
> an active keybind while another window of choice is active. Write a .sh 
> script file in dom0, and save the command. Then it's just a matter of using 
> dom0 keybinding to activate it. Which gives much more flexibility to 
> alt+space+f, for example changing it to alt+f or numpad at the other side of 
> the room for remote pre-configured controls, i.e. using Qubes as a large 
> screen on a distance. It has many uses, just use ones own imagination to find 
> one. Also I believe this is the command Qubes uses internally when pressing 
> alt+space+f, but I did not manage to confirm that. Also another variant is to 
> use; 
> wmctrl -r :SELECT: -b toggle,fullscreen 
> This variant essentially turns ones mouse into a click to fullscreen 
> whichever window one may pick with the mouse. One can still keyboard alt+tab 
> between windows, without loosing the pointer to click, if the window is 
> buried under the other windows. But for keybinding purposes, the ACTIVE 
> variant is better suited than SELECT, at least for my own needs.
> 2'nd approach:
> This is only half solving the problem, but simply writing in dom0, 'xdotool 
> key alt+space' will bring up the XFWM4 popup menu, though I did not find a 
> way to "chain it" to then select the last key, "f". But since I had the above 
> solution already, I did not venture deeper to solve it, it needs the last 
> step if anyone wants to use this approach. I'm personally content with the 
> 1st approach though, it solves everything for my own needs.
> On the security side of things, then dom0 controlled fullscreen "should" be 
> fine, for as long it stays in the control of dom0, and not the VM. If the VM 
> can change the fullscreen, it's my understanding it can exploit the user in 
> social hacking. But if you control which VM has access to fullscreen, then 
> you can also limit this issue, and are less likely to fall victim. That's my 
> understanding, it may be I misunderstood the attack vector, but I think its 
> correctly understood. The reason full-screen is bad, as I've understood it, 
> is that social hacking can happen when you least expect it, so if you 
> manually enter fullscreen, for a VM with limited and locked-down purposes, 
> i.e. heavily firewalled with one of few purposes to the internet, then you're 
> much less likely to fall victim to screen social hacks. Do feel free to 
> correct me if I'm wrong about that, though, I don't think the security is any 
> different than using alt+space+f, since it's essentially the same thing, and 
> also controlled from dom0.

"or any AppVM terminal" scratch those 4 words out, I don't know why I wrote 
these, when its neither feasible nor secure to do it inside an AppVM <.< but it 
of course only works in dom0 terminal from a technical/practical perspective 

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